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But Seriously, Folks...







Quote: "I stand by all the misstatements I've made." Dan Quayle

But Seriously, Folks....

When it is considered "frivolous" to make people laugh, to lighten their day, to spread good cheer, life becomes a pointless, dull, repetitive exercise. Pain and tragedy are inevitable, but their existence is no reason to shun laughter, for it too has a place and a point to make. For this reason we could not let the tradition of the Low Profile die simply because one woman obsessed with today's gloom and doom declared it frivolous.

We wish sincerely that we could list all those who donated time or funding to this project; it is theirs as much as it is ours. However, there are several who feel it necessary to remain anonymous from fear of recriminations should it become known that they aided mere frivolity. It is a sad state, especially for a college campus, especially for a campus as tolerant as Agnes Scott...but there it is.

We must especially thank Modern Press for assisting us over the last hurdle in our way. The Pastiche staff highly recommends them for all your printing needs.

To all those who gave, in silence or out loud, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Though the format is different than what you're used to, we hope we have nevertheless fulfilled the spirit of the "Low Profile" and that you enjoy the Pastiche.

To those who attempted to stand against us, we have but one thing to say: Happy April Fool's Day!

Bubbles, Editor-in-Chief, Layout Editor, Copy Editor, Writer
Luci, Co-Editor, Business Manager, Writer
Katherine, Assistant Editor, Sidekick, Press Manager, Writer

and the rest of the Pastiche Staff